Can I Shower with My Oura Ring?

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Using my Oura Ring has made my life easier. I don’t have to worry if I’m getting good sleep or I’m active enough. These features have made me fall so much for the ring that I no longer want to take it off.

If you’re like me, you might be wondering if it’s possible to shower with the Oura Ring. Here’s the short answer to that question:

You can shower with your Oura Ring. The material on the Oura Ring is strong enough to resist tarnishing because of a little contact with water.

Keep reading to learn more about the level of water-resistance on your Oura Ring.

What is the Oura Ring Made Of?

If you know the material your Oura Ring is made of, you might be more convinced of its water-resistance.

The entire body of the Oura Ring is composed of titanium. Even at it’s weakest, Titanium can easily resist water at room temperature. When the water becomes hotter, titanium develops a protective coating to fight off heat.

Can You Wear the Oura Ring In the Shower?

Thanks to the composition of your Oura Ring, placing the ring under a shower won’t damage it. Even if you’re having a hot or cold shower, the ring will maintain its condition. As long as the temperature of the water is between 14°F – 129°F, your Oura Ring won’t face any danger.

Make sure your ring fits snugly onto your finger to prevent it from sliding off.


Once you’re done with your shower, remove the ring from your finger and wipe it with a dry towel. This will remove any residue that may have stuck to the ring during your shower.

What If I Get Soap On My Oura Ring?


Unlike water, soap can damage your Oura Ring. Soap often sticks to the surface of the ring and messes up with the sensors. As a result, the ring may produce wrong readings.

If you are showering with soap, keep your Oura Ring out of the way. Since you’ll probably be using your right hand to scrub your body, you can place the ring on any of any finger on your left hand.

If you still get soap on the ring after all this, don’t panic. Remove the ring from your finger and place it under running water for about one minute. Then, carefully rub the soap off with your fingers. Finally, clean any leftover soap with a towel.

What About Shampoo and Conditioner?oura-ring-shampoo

Getting Shampoo or conditioner on your Oura Ring won’t do the device any good. Shampoo and conditioner will soak up your ring’s sensors and destroy them. What’s worse, they are harder to wash off than soap.

If you plan to use shampoo or conditioner during your shower, take off your Oura Ring.

Instead, use your shower time to charge the ring.

Using Oura Ring in Other Wet Situations

Washing Your Hands With Oura Ring

Since water isn’t harmful to the Oura Ring, you can wash your hands while wearing the ring. Just remember to hold it tight so it doesn’t fly off your finger.

If you’re going to wash your hands with soap, remove the ring.

Using Oura Ring in Hot Baths

Worried about wearing your Oura Ring to a hot tub? Well, you shouldn’t be. Most hot baths don’t get beyond 125°F. However, the Oura Ring can withstand as much as 129°F.

If you’re going to spend several hours in the hot tub, you should remove your Oura Ring. Keeping the Oura Ring in hot temperatures for a long period of time can destroy its battery.

Using Oura Ring in the Sauna

Saunas tend to be way hotter than hot baths. The average sauna can be as hot as 150°F. Since your Oura Ring can’t take this level of heat, it’s best to keep it out of the sauna.

Using Oura Ring in the Pool or Ocean

The Oura ring supports underwater performance up to 330 feet deep.This means that it will work perfectly if you wear it while swimming in the pool. In contrast, wearing the ring in larger water bodies like oceans and seas will pose a threat to the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Wear Oura Ring While Working Out?

We don’t recommend wearing the Oura Ring while exercising. This is because the ring can easily slip off your finger during a powerful workout. Before you begin an intense gym session, take off the ring. You’ll probably miss out on some activity data, but it isn’t worth losing your ring over.

Can You Lift Weights With the Oura Ring?

Do not lift weights with the Oura Ring. If you do, you might scratch the device.

Can I Wear My Oura Ring At Night?

There is nothing wrong with wearing your Oura Ring only at night. Just note that by doing so, you’d be limiting your access to all the capabilities of the ring. For instance, you might enjoy sleep tracking but deprive yourself of other functions like activity and workout rate monitoring.

Which Finger is Best for the Oura Ring?

It’s best to wear your Oura Ring on the index finger on your left hand. If you place the ring on any other finger, it may not function to its highest capability. Remember that while it may seem cool to wear the ring as your wedding band, it won’t do you much good.

How Deep is the Oura Ring Waterproof?

The Oura Ring is water-resistant for up to 100m deep in water. This means that you can wear the ring while snorkeling or swimming. However, using the ring to scuba diving will ruin the battery.

Wrapping Up

Showering with the Oura Ring won’t damage it. However, if you use soap, shampoo or conditioner while taking the shower, they might fall on the ring and stop it from working.



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