Why is My Oura Ring in Restricted Mode?

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Did your Oura Ring go into Restricted Mode and you’re wondering what happened? This article will give you your answer.

In this post, you’ll discover why your Oura Ring went into Restricted Mode and how to disable it. You’ll also learn how to engage the mode in case the need arises.

Your Oura Ring is in Restricted Mode because you or someone else is trying to pair the Ring to a new device before disconnecting it from your old phone. Oura activates this mode to protect your personal data from thieves.

Keep reading to learn more about the Restricted Mode in Oura Ring.


What is Oura Ring Restricted Mode?

The Restricted Mode in Oura Ring is a protective feature Oura uses to secure your data against unwanted use. It is engaged when you or someone else tries to pair the ring with a new phone without factory resetting the device first.

Like the name implies, this mode restricts usage of the Ring. In fact, you only get three options in your app: Self-test, Cancel, and Factory Reset.

Why is this necessary? Imagine that someone steals your Ring. Once they connect it to their device, wouldn’t that mean they’ll gain access to all your data? And when data is in the wrong hands, it can be used to do a lot of harm.

Luckily, the Restricted Mode prevents all these by limiting the access of the robber to the home page. And this home page is lifeless —it contains none of the information in a usual Oura homepage.

What Can You Do on the Oura Ring Restricted Mode?

If the restricted mode on your Oura Ring is engaged, you’ll only be able to factory reset and self-test the Oura Ring.

A factory reset allows you to remove all your personal stats from the Oura Ring. In contrast, a self-test lets you assess the health of the device. Even if a stranger uses both functions, they won’t pose any risk to you.

Why Has My Oura Ring Suddenly Gone into Restricted Mode?

The following situations can cause the restricted mode on Oura Ring to be engaged:

  1. You are trying to connect your Ring to multiple devices: The Oura Ring only works with one device at a time. So, if you try to connect your Oura ring to more than one device, the ring may activate Restricted Mode. To link the ring successfully with a new device, you must factory reset your Oura Ring first.
  2. Someone wants to pair your Ring with their smartphone: This often occurs when someone steals the Ring for their personal use. Another possibility is that someone found your Ring over a public Wi-Fi and tried to connect to it.

In both cases, your Oura Ring will get suspicious and engage Restricted Mode to prevent further access to your Ring.

  1. Your Oura Ring comes in contact with a large magnet: Were you playing with a large magnet when your Oura Ring activated Restricted mode? If so, the Ring may have confused the magnet for a RFID scanner. The RFID scanner is a tool used to scan data across a variety of devices like your smartphone and the Oura Ring.

In case you’re wondering, here’s what an RFID reader looks like:


Since the Oura Ring is focused on protecting your information, it will engage the Restricted Mode as soon as it suspects any foul play.

How to Disable Restricted Mode

Now that you understand why your Oura Ring activated Restricted Mode, it’s time to discuss how to disengage the device from the mode. The only way to disable the Oura Ring Restricted Mode is through the app.

If someone stole your Oura Ring, you should click on the Factory Reset option immediately to delete all the data from the lost ring.

However, if your Oura Ring is acting up because you have connected it to two devices, you’ll need to unpair your ring from the new device. Then, go back to the original device you’ve connected to your Oura Ring.

When you open up the Oura app on this device, you should see the Factory Reset option. Tap Factory Reset to disable Restricted Mode.

Please note that factory resetting your Oura Ring will remove all the data on the ring. You’ll only be able to recover this data if you’ve already synced it to your device before it went into Restricted Mode.

How to Factory Reset an Oura Ring in Restricted Mode

Follow these steps to factory reset your Oura Ring:

  • Open the Oura app.
  • If you still have your Oura Ring, remove the ring from your finger and place it on a flat surface.
  • However, if the ring was stolen, skip to the next step.
  • Next, click on Factory Reset.
  • Wait for two minutes.
  • Open the Bluetooth option on your phone.
  • Disconnect the Oura Ring from the device.
  • Close and relaunch the Oura app.
  • The app will display a message saying ‘Connect Your Oura Ring’.
  • You can now reconnect the ring to your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oura Ring Useless Without Subscription?

If you don’t have an active Oura Ring subscription, you can’t do much with the Oura Ring. The only features available on the free plan are the three daily scores: Sleep, Activity, and Readiness scores; your ring battery information, app settings, and the Explore tab.

Do I Need to Put Oura Ring in Airplane Mode?

If you want your Oura Ring to charge faster, you might need to put your Oura Ring in airplane mode. Please note that turning on airplane mode will deactivate the device’s Bluetooth settings, thus preventing the ring from sharing data with your phone.

Can I Transfer My Oura Ring to Someone Else?

It is possible to transfer your Oura Ring to someone else. Before you transfer ownership of your ring to another person, make sure you backup your data to your phone and factory reset the ring. This will prevent the new owner from gaining access to your personal data.

Does Oura Ring Work Offline?

The Oura Ring will collect data even when it is offline. However, the ring won’t be able to transmit the data to your device until after you reactivate your Wi-Fi settings.

Wrapping Up

If your Oura Ring is in restricted mode, use the reasons above to determine why the ring has gone into the mode. Once you’ve figured out the problem, fix it and factory reset your Oura Ring to resume using the Oura app.

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