Does Oura Ring Track Blood Pressure? Here’s the Truth

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At an average of $299 per piece, the Oura Ring isn’t exactly cheap. So, if you’re planning to buy the device, you may want to check if you can use it for as many functions as possible.

I was once in your shoes. And one of the questions I often asked myself is if the Oura Ring can track blood pressure.

The Oura Ring doesn’t track blood pressure. However, it does track your heart rate, which is closely related to blood pressure. The rate at which your heart beats determines how fast your heart pumps blood to your blood vessels and other parts of your body.

Keep reading this article to learn more about the Oura Ring and blood pressure.

Can Oura Ring Track Blood Pressure?

Although the Oura Ring tracks several metrics, your blood pressure isn’t one of them. That said, the device monitors your heart rate and Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which can help you deduce your blood pressure. Your HRV is the difference in time between your heartbeats.

By tracking your HRV, the Oura Ring can discover useful insights into your overall well-being. It may identify certain patterns and habits that are affecting your blood pressure, such as excess alcoholic intake, poor sleep and stress.

If you still want a portable device that measures your blood pressure, you can get a blood pressure cuff or blood pressure monitor.

Keep in mind that these smart devices rarely take accurate blood pressure counts. Instead of relying on a smartwatch to do your checkup, it’s best to hire a doctor to check your blood pressure. If your blood pressure is too high or too low, the doctor can properly diagnose your illness and provide the right medication.

Once you’ve conducted a full health assessment, you can use your smart device to monitor your blood pressure.


What Does the Oura Ring Track?

If you’re still interested in the Oura Ring, here’s a full list of all the metrics it tracks:

  • Resting Heart Rate: This is how fast your heart beats when you’re sitting, lying down, or relaxed.
  • Heart Rate Variability: Heart Rate Variability is the time difference between one heart beat and another.
  • Body Temperature: Oura will monitor your body temperature. The smart ring will also alert you when you have a really low body temperature, or you’re running a fever.
  • Blood Oxygen Levels: This is indicated with the SPO2 label in the Oura app. Your blood oxygen level shouldn’t be lower than 95%.
  • Sleep Time: The Oura Ring calculates how much time you spent sleeping.
  • REM Sleep: REM sleep is a sleep stage where your eye moves rapidly. If you have enough REM sleep, it means your brain is healthy. However, excess REM sleep may point to stress.


  • Deep Sleep: Deep sleep is the period where you make fewer body movements. If your deep sleep score is poor, you are probably stressed out.
  • Restfulness: Oura Ring can tell how much you toss and turn in your sleep.
  • Daily Step Count: The ring will count the number of steps you take each day.
  • Burnt Calories: At the end of each day, you’ll know how many calories you burnt from walking, running, and other activities you tried during the day.
  • Workout Heart Rate: You can measure your workout heart rate, and decide it your heart is beating too fast.
  • Workout Frequency: When Oura displays your workout frequency, it will inform you if you need to work out more often.

Learn more about Oura Ring:


 Smart Rings that Track Blood Pressure

Iris Smart Ring



The Iris Smart Ring is a yet-to-be-released smart ring that will measure your blood pressure from your fingertips. The Swiss company behind the smart ring have announced that it will release this ring through an Over-the-Air update in late 2023. It will also monitor:

  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Body Temperature
  • Blood Oxygen
  • Breathing Rate
  • Step Count
  • Calories Burned
  • Walking Distance

If you thought the current smart rings in the market were too heavy, then you should consider this ring. It is about 2mm lighter than other smart rings. And as you can see at the picture above, it is just as stylish and discreet as the Oura Ring.

Please note that this ring will also come with a monthly subscription. Nevertheless, you’ll still be able to use basic features for free.



CART-I smart ring is a cardio tracker produced by Sky Labs, a medical wearable brand in South Korea. This smart ring was originally built to monitor the heart’s rhythm in order to discover heart conditions early.

Currently, the CART-I smart ring only tracks heart rate and other cardio-related metrics. However, Sky Labs is set to add a blood-pressure monitoring feature to the device in the fourth quarter of 2023.


Other Wearable Devices that Track Blood Pressure

Samsung Galaxy Watch


The Samsung Galaxy Watch has an in-built health monitor app which measures blood pressure. When the National Library of Medicine compared the readings from this watch against a syphygmomanometer in a recent study, they were found to be fairly accurate. Samsung also encourages users to calibrate their watches with a blood pressure cuff every month to ensure correct measurements.

But don’t expect this watch to replace your doctor. According to Samsung, the watch “cannot diagnose hypertension, other conditions, or check for signs of a heart attack”.

Omron HeartGuide


Omron HeartGuide smartwatch was specifically built to measure blood pressure. The device also monitors upward or downward trends in your blood pressure.

You can find all your blood pressure readings in the Omron Connect app, which is free to use. The app also lets you share your details with your doctor and other medical professionals.

Thanks to the built-in blood pressure cuff in the Omron HeartGuide, the watch often provides accurate readings. No wonder the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has given the device its vote of approval.

We should note that some users of the Omron HeartGuide still report inaccuracies in their blood pressure readings.

Wrapping Up

Although the Oura Ring doesn’t track blood pressure. It offers a host of benefits that give you pointers on how to improve your well-being.

If you still want to monitor your blood pressure after using the device, you can get a blood pressure cuff or a blood pressure watch to complement your Oura Ring.






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