A Full Guide on Oura Ring Battery And Charger

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So, you’ve realized that the Oura Ring is indispensable to your life, and you can’t bear for it to go off. In that case, you need to ensure that your Oura Ring battery and charger always stay in top condition. You can only achieve that goal if you know everything about the battery and charger.

By the end of this article, you’ll be an expert on the Oura Ring battery and charger. You’ll know how they work, and how to recognize glitches as soon as they occur. You’ll also be able to fix any problems that arise with the battery and charger.

Sounds good? Then, let’s dive in.

Does the Oura Ring Battery Come Charged?

Unfortunately, the Oura Ring battery doesn’t come charged. If you’ve just bought the ring, you’ll need to charge it first before using it. Otherwise, you might damage the ring’s battery.

How to Charge Oura Ring Battery

Follow these steps to charge your Oura Ring battery:

  1. If you’ve just bought the Oura Ring, remove the charging dock, cable and the ring from the packaging.
  2. Plug the smaller connector (USB-C end) on the USB cable into the USB port on your charging dock.
  3. Insert the larger connector (USB-A end) into a power source. This could be an adapter or a power bank.
  4. Place your Oura Ring on the charging dock.
  5. Make sure the ring fits tightly onto the dock.
  6. A blue light will start blinking from your charging dock.
  7. This means that the Oura Ring has started charging.
  8. The blue light also means that your Oura Ring is ready to pair with your phone.
  9. Launch the Oura app and follow the instructions that appear to connect the Oura Ring to your phone.
  10. After the pairing is complete, the blue light on the charging dock will turn white.
  11. You can now relax and wait for your Oura Ring to finish charging.

How to Know If Your Oura Ring Battery is Charging

When the Oura Ring battery is charging, a white light will start blinking from the charging dock. However, if you’ve never charged the ring before, the pulsing light might be blue. Once the ring is fully charged, the blinking light will disappear. Then, your charging dock will display a static green light.

How Long Does It Take to Charge the Oura Ring Battery to Full Capacity?

If your Oura Ring battery is completely dead, it should take you about 80 minutes to charge the battery to full capacity. This always applies, whether you are charging an Oura Ring Gen 3 or Gen 2. That said, certain factors like the temperature of the battery and your electric current level might increase or reduce your Oura Ring battery charge time.

How Often Should I Charge My Oura Ring?

In most cases, you only need to charge your Oura Ring battery every five days. This is because battery often lasts for five days.

However, if you’ve been using your Oura Ring for two years or more, the battery may not last up to five days. In fact, you’ll be lucky to get 48 hours out of the ring. If you fall into this category, please charge your Oura Ring more often, say after every 1 or 2 days.

How to Check Oura Ring Battery Level

You can check your Oura Ring battery level by using your Oura app.

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Open your Oura app.
  2. Navigate to the Home tab.
  3. Then, click on the two circles at the upper right-hand corner of the app.
  4. Your Oura Ring battery level should appear now.

How Long Does the Oura Ring Battery Last?

The average Oura Ring battery lasts between five to seven days. So, if you care properly for your Oura Ring, you should be able to use the ring for a week without having to recharge it.

But what if you are using an older generation of the ring? Your Oura Ring battery capacity remains the same. Since I don’t have a personal experience with the Oura Ring Gen 2, I scoured Reddit to find perspectives of people who do. And I found a few Gen 2 users who said that their fully-charged Gen 2 ring often lasts for 5 days.

Here are two of them:



Please note that your battery may deteriorate as it gets older. For instance, a 2-year-old Oura Ring battery will most likely go flat before an Oura Ring battery that’s barely six months old.

How to Care For Oura Ring Battery

Remember how I said that you need to care for the Oura Ring battery to make it last longer? In the next few lines, I’m going to show you how to protect the battery.

These five tips will help you increase the battery life and lifespan of your Oura Ring:

  • Never let your Oura Ring battery dip below 40% before charging it.
  • Avoid charging the battery too often.
  • Keep your battery away from extremely hot and cold temperatures.
  • Don’t keep the Oura Ring wet for too long.
  • Never dive into the ocean while wearing your Oura Ring.

Oura Ring Charging Lights

 Why is Oura Ring Charger Flashing a White Light?

If your Oura Ring charging dock is flashing a white light, it just means that your Oura Ring has started charging. The white light will become static if you remove the ring from your charging dock without disconnecting the charger from power.

What Does the Red Light on My Oura Ring Charger Mean?

A flashing red light on your Oura Ring charger indicates that your charger or ring is faulty.

What Does the Blue Light on My Oura Ring Charger Mean?

The Oura Ring charger will display a flashing blue light when your ring is ready to pair with your phone via Bluetooth. After you’ve paired the Oura ring with your device, the blue light will stop flashing and turn solid. Then, it will fade into a white light.

Why is My Oura Ring Battery Draining So Fast?

If your Oura Ring battery is draining fast, you might be charging your Oura Ring too frequently. Excessive charging can weaken the battery. Likewise, if you use a third party cable to charge your Oura, it will drain the battery quickly.

A less obvious reason why your Oura Ring may have a poor battery life is the heart rate setting on the ring. If you set the ring to track your heart rate continuously, the battery will deplete fast.

To make your Oura Ring battery last longer, don’t charge the ring until its battery level is at 40%. Also, consider setting the ring to track your heart rate periodically instead of at a continuous rate.

I’ve also found that turning off your Bluetooth settings when you’re not using the ring helps conserve the battery.

Why is My Oura Ring Battery Not Charging?

Your Oura Ring battery isn’t charging because your power outlet, USB cable, charger or Oura Ring is faulty. The ring’s battery might also fail to charge because  you didn’t place the ring properly on the charging dock.

Learn more about how to fix Oura Ring charging issues.

Why is My Oura Ring Not Fully Charging?

What if your Oura Ring charger is working, but the battery won’t charge past 1?

If your Oura Ring isn’t fully charging, the ring is probably damaged. As such, you’ll need to email the Oura Ring support team about the problem. If your warranty is still active, Oura might replace your ring for free.

How to Charge Oura Ring Without Charger?

It is impossible to charge the Oura Ring without a charger. If your Oura Ring charger is damaged, you’ll have to replace it to keep using your Oura Ring.

Oura Ring Charger Replacement

Did your Oura Ring charger stop working, and you don’t know where to get a new charger? You don’t have to panic. You can find a replacement charger for your Oura Ring at the Oura store.

Make sure to order the correct charger size from Oura, so your ring sits tight on the charging dock.

Please note that the Oura store is the only place to get a suitable charger for your ring. If you order a charger from Ebay or Amazon, just because it looks like your Oura charger, it won’t charge your ring.

Can Oura Ring Battery Be Replaced?

You cannot replace the Oura Ring battery, as the battery is built into the ring. If you suspect that the battery in your Oura Ring is damaged, order a new ring.

Wrapping Up

We hope this guide answered all the questions you have about the Oura Ring battery and charger. If new information comes up about the battery or charger, we will update this article to reflect the change.



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